If you want to see my photos, printed and framed you will find them at the following locations:
Sheraton Stockholm Hotel at Tegelbacken 6.  The photos are hanging in the lobby and bar area. 
Wilmer Kaffebar at Bergsgatan 30. If you're lucky enough it's me behind the counter, if not - just ask where to look and someone will point you in the right direction.

If you would like to visit my showroom and gallery at Döbelnsgatan 57 call or email first to make a booking for a private showing outside of events and open showings. 

I'll be hosting a exhibition the 25th of january between 17.00-20.00 and the 26th of january between 12.00-16.00.

About Me
When I photograph, I do not think, I have no plan, no ready idea. Something catches my interest and I start working. Usually I disappear into a bubble and in this bubble the subject gets a life. I see in front of me how the end result should look. Often, however, It can change  one and seven times during the finishing work. I can sit for hours and stare at a photo before it's finished. I attach great importance to the finishing work, this is where I can give a relatively ordinary photo a personality of it's own and this is where I get the opportunity to express myself, what I saw and felt. My photos are as much a reflection of reality as they are a sketch where I can convey my vision and experience.

My name is Alex Eliasson and I work with photography. I run my own photo company and have a small exhibition hall in central Stockholm.
I do everything from corporate events, weddings, advertising to large landscape framed prints.

I have worked for both companies and private individuals. Among others, Falu Rödfärg, Scan and restaurant AG. I have a permanent exhibition with large Stockholm motifs at the Sheraton Stockholm hotel on Tegelbacken 6 in Stockholm.

Because I am photographing quite common things, what then makes me special and how do I stand out? Stockholm is full of photographers.
I will not say that I am the photographer with the worst eyesight of everyone but I would probably be able to place myself in the top layer. I am completely blind on my right eye and the left goes on half speed so to speak, with a 50% view of one eye and a depth perception that on occasion leaves much to be desired, I manage with a little bit of luck to take good photos-
My signature, which probably hides somewhere in all my work, is some kind of optical error, dirt on the lens or a dirty sensor - things I don't see but that gossip about the photo being taken by me. Technical perfection is not my thing, convey really nice pictures on the other hand - I am good at it.

(+46) 0708296898

Social media links can be found if you head to the 'KONTAKT' section.

All photos are for sale. Contact me for price and other information.

Alex Eliasson